Clients and Goals

Our Clients

We represent clients in all aspects of the entertainment industry:

  • Independent Artists
  • Producers
  • Filmmakers
  • Bands
  • Songwriters
  • Studio Engineers
  • Artists
  • Photographers
  • Authors
  • Designers
  • Athletes
  • Dancers
  • Models
  • Performers

How We Achieve Our Goals

Consistent with the approach of attentive management favored by SLG, we dedicate our time and resources to the realization of our clients’ major artistic visions and goals.  Our primary focus is on profitable and strategic business management that is conducted in a professional and ethical manner.

We work with entertainers to access independent and major industry networks, to attain career and business potentials, and to take advantage of resources by working out business strategies that support long-term career growth.  Most of all, SLG strives to achieve the visions of our clients in a personalized manner: recognizing personal and industry-related challenges associated with the advancement of a career, and providing superior and comprehensive management to support them through:

  • Audio and Video Recording
  • Music & Video Production
  • Securing and Negotiating with Producers
  • Negotiating with Agents
  • Providing Legal Advice
  • Negotiating Licensing
  • Negotiating with Publishing Companies
  • Negotiating with Record Labels
  • Engaging in Various Forms of Marketing, Promotion, Advertising, & Publicity
  • Acquiring Sponsors
  • Negotiating Merchandising
  • Scheduling Tours
  • Booking Multiple Arenas & Venues



Talent Agent/Legal Representation:

SLG Entertainment is a subdivision of Sommer Law Group, PC.  Our attorneys have the experience and expertise necessary to set up your business entity, protect your work through copyrights and trademarks, draft and negotiate contracts, and represent you in any disputes.  For more information on our legal services, please visit our Entertainment Law page.